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About TSN Wires Co., Ltd.

TSN Wires Co., Ltd., a joint venture between The Siam Industrial Wire Co.,Ltd. (SIW) and Nichia Steel Works Ltd.-a direct affiliate of Nippon Steel Corporation, recently held the Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony for its new factory on 35 rai in Hemaraj Rayong Industrial Land. Expected to start operation in July 2013, the new factory will produce zinc-plated wire at a capacity of 36,000 ton per year for supply to local and overseas market.

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Head Office

Rasa Tower 1,14th Floor 555 Phaholyothin Road Chatuchak,Bangkok THAILABD 10900 ,

Tel. 662-9370060-7 FAX.662-9370068-9

Factory Office

160 Moo.11 T.Nonglalok, A.Bankhai, Rayong 21120,Thailand

Tel. 66-3889-2333 Fax. 66-3889-2071-72

Product High Quailty

Hot-Dip Galvanized Steel Wire
TSN Wires produces high quailty of galvanized wire by Hot-Dip process

Galvanized Steel Wires with Zinc-Aluminum (10%) Alloy
The high quality Zn-Al alloy coated wire has superior corrosion resistance compared with Zinc coated wire. TSN Wires employs state-of-the-art technology and advanced technical expertise from Nichia Steel Work to manufacture galvanized wire with zinc-aluminum(10%) alloy coating

Galvanizeed steel Wires Strand
Applications of galvanized steel wire strand include ACSR.Guys Wires.Messenger Wire.Span Wire.Ground Wire Strand and other. Product range includes 3-wires strand. 7-wires strand or special requirement from clients

TSN Wires : The Best of technology

TSN Wires employs state-of-the-art technology from New Zealand which is designed to among the highest level of environmental sustainability and lowest carbon emission process in the world in the areas of:

-Stress Relieve Annealing Process : The electric furnace is designed with a closed Chamber and uses hydrogen to prevent oxidation of the wire surface.

-Pickling Process : TSN uses non-acid in the pickling process, which does not generate acidic waste and is very environmental friendly.

-Pre Coating Process: The machine transfers wire without flux chemical and is designed to use input hydrogen to prevent oxidation reaction on the wire surface.

-Galvanizing Process: The process uses the heat remaining in the wire during the annealing process to help melting zinc.This will reduce energy usage significantly.

-Zinc Coating Mass Control Process:The electromagnetic wiping(EMW) technology employed has the ability the control thickness of zinc coating with small tolerance to produce the highest quality coating and minimize material wastage.


We are confident that our products.

  • Have excellent corrosion resistant properties.
  • Are uniformly galvaized with smooth wire surface
  • Provide premium quality coated wire quality with sacrificial anti-corrosion effect and remarkable adhesion.
  • Are designed and developed for high workability

 Certification :

ISO 9001:2008


TIS Standard 71-2532

TIS Standard 404-2540

TIS Standard 194-2535

TIS Standard 747-2531