TSN Wires The Best of technology

TSN Wires employs state-of-the-art technology from New Zealand which is designed to among the highest level of environmental sustainability and lowest carbon emission process in the world in the areas of:

Stress Relieve Annealing Process : The electric furnace is designed with a closed Chamber and uses hydrogen to prevent oxidation of the wire surface.

Pickling Process : TSN uses non-acid in the pickling process, which does not generate acidic waste and is very environmental friendly.

Pre Coating Process: The machine transfers wire without flux chemical and is designed to use input hydrogen to prevent oxidation reaction on the wire surface.

Galvanizing Process: The process uses the heat remaining in the wire during the annealing process to help melting zinc.This will reduce energy usage significantly.

Zinc Coating Mass Control Process:The electromagnetic wiping(EMW) technology employed has the ability the control thickness of zinc coating with small tolerance to produce the highest quality coating and minimize material wastage.

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